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You may also select the printed and Audiobook recordings of our basic books.

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100 Basics lessons 1-2
101 Basics lessons 1-28
102 Basics lessons 1-6

Total 36 Audio Lessons
776 Teens, lessons 1-36

Total 36 Audio Lessons

Basic Books

A Matter of Life and Death
The Plan of God
The Trinity
Slave Market of Sin
The Barrier
Rebound and Keep Moving!
Isolation of Sin
The Faith-Rest Life
God the Holy Spirit vs. The Sin Nature
Mental Attitude Dynamics
Divine Guidance
The Prodigal Son

Total 15 Audiobooks

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The basic books and lessons cover a wide range of biblical doctrines—from salvation to spirituality to who and what God is. In addition, the following audio specials offer valuable studies related to the Christian way of life.
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A Far Greater Happiness includes 47 lessons that discuss the source of genuine happiness, the frailties of human happiness, and the believer's ultimate objective: sharing the happiness of God.
The Riches of His Grace includes 48 lessons that discuss God's unmerited favor toward mankind before, during, and after salvation; man's intrusion into the grace policy of God through arrogance; and the mental attitude of the grace-oriented believer.













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