God’s Plan of Salvation is the fourth volume in the Children’s Bible Studies series, a treasure-trove of ideas for parents and teachers looking for ways to communicate Bible doctrine at a child’s level of understanding. The series begins with basic doctrines for the very young child and progresses toward more advanced doctrines for the older child. These doctrines are taught through a series of stories which introduce the child to technical theological vocabulary and doctrinal concepts.


God’s Plan of Salvation is an intensified look at the entire scope of this critical doctrine, teaching the necessity, plan, and purpose of salvation. A thorough knowledge of salvation is essential for the child’s spiritual growth and orientation to grace in the plan of God. This series also includes a fascinating study on the subject of angels: scriptural documentation to their reality and purpose in the plan of God, the types of angels, and what roles they play. These doctrines will give the child a deeper understanding and appreciation of God’s love and grace toward sinners, so that he may see his own place and responsibility within the plan of God.


© 2009, 2nd impression 2015