The Persons of the Godhead is the third volume in the Children’s Bible Studies series, a treasure-trove of ideas for parents and teachers looking for ways to communicate Bible doctrine at a child’s level of understanding. The series begins with basic doctrines for the very young child and progresses toward more advanced doctrines for the older child. These doctrines are taught through a series of stories which introduce the child to technical theological vocabulary and doctrinal concepts.


The Persons of the Godhead begins with a review of the essence of God as taught by the animals. These stories from the Bible use animal behavior, instinct, and characteristics to also teach the lessons of salvation, humility, obedience, and faithfulness to God’s Word. With these doctrines refreshed in his mind, the child is ready to learn about the Trinity. Each member of the Godhead is presented from His distinct role and His relation to the eternal will and plan of God.


Understanding God the Father’s plan explains the child’s destiny in time and eternity; the study of the person and work of Jesus Christ illuminates the child’s so-great salvation; and knowledge of the ministries of God the Holy Spirit focuses the child on the divine power he has for living the Christian way of life. Girded with this knowledge, the child will come to love God, grow spiritually, and reflect the glory of our God-man-Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.


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