What Is God Like? is the second volume in the Children’s Bible Studies series, a treasure-trove of ideas for parents and teachers looking for ways to communicate Bible doctrine at a child’s level of understanding. The series begins with basic doctrines for the very young child and progresses toward more advanced doctrines for the older child. These doctrines are taught through a series of stories which introduce the child to technical theological vocabulary and doctrinal concepts.


What Is God Like? covers two main subjects: the authenticity of the canon of Scripture and the essence of God. The first lessons establish in the child’s mind that the Bible is the very Word of God. The child is challenged to believe God’s Word, and to love and desire divine truth above everything else in life. The following lessons explain what God is like through the doctrine of divine essence. Each divine attribute—sovereignty, righteousness, justice, love, eternal life, omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotence, immutability, and veracity—is presented emphasizing the essence and oneness of the Godhead. The child will come to know that the very essence of God stands behind His every Word and is the basis of his own security and well-being. With confidence in the Word of God and the doctrine of divine essence firmly established in his soul, the child will learn to both respect and love God, and to live his Christian life in a way that both honors and glorifies God.


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