Isolation of Sin breaks the vicious cycle of carnality shackling many believers to their past failures. God’s grace solution for the believer’s sin is rebound, privately confessing or naming your sins to God the Father. Rebound instantaneously accomplishes divine forgiveness, recovery of the Holy Spirit, and restoration to fellowship with God. Yet many believers immediately fall out of fellowship, caught in reaction, guilt, and a chain of mental, verbal, or overt sins. As their frustration mounts, carnality seems overwhelming.


How do you break this cycle? Disengage yourself from forgiven sin! When God forgives a sin, it no longer belongs to you. Do not reclaim the burden! God has blotted out your sin! Feeling guilty, habitually looking backward, worrying, or chronic self-reproach only perpetuates your status in carnality. When you isolate your sins by “forgetting those things which are past,” you can “press on” to the high ground of spiritual maturity in your Christian life.


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