The Apostle Paul, above all men, completely understood the importance of rebound, naming his sins privately to God the Father. Yet at one point, even Paul allowed his feelings to supersede his knowledge of God’s wonderful plan of recovery. He was mired in human viewpoint and human solutions until he finally set aside his emotion, utilized the rebound technique, and resumed his advance in the spiritual life.

Rebound is the divine solution for recovering fellowship with God. When rebound is neglected carnality is perpetuated and the spiritual life self-destructs. Without rebound, the Holy Spirit is grieved and quenched; the Christian way of life disintegrates.

Rebound reveals the majestic grace of God. Rebound is never a work on the part of the believer. God does all the work. God requires no emotional purging, agonizing, godly sorrow, penance, or faith. Recovery from sin and regaining fellowship with God result only when the believer follows the gracious mandate of 1 John 1:9.

Rebound Revisited explores the divine directive for dealing with personal sin after salvation and regaining momentum in the spiritual life. No more important study for the Christian life can be found.


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