The Integrity of God assures mankind that absolute trust in perfect God is always well-placed. The unbending strength of God’s essence is fully behind everything He does or sponsors. All the attributes of His essence form one consistent, indivisible whole—His total person—and each attribute works together in complete harmony for the ultimate good of the believer.


God has always possessed integrity as part of His eternal, infinite, perfect essence. The integrity of God is composed of two divine attributes—perfect righteousness and absolute justice. Divine integrity coordinates with divine love; together they form one perfect, inviolable system through which God deals with the human race in grace. Grace is the expression of God’s love and integrity and the uncompromising policy of His justice. Divine integrity ensures that the God of love and grace is neither sentimental nor partial nor indecisive toward anyone.


The Integrity of God defines God’s integrity and how it operates in behalf of all Christians, from our salvation to our spiritual life to our rewards in heaven. Understanding this biblical doctrine clarifies the purpose of our lives and explains our magnificent relationship with the God of righteousness and justice.


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