The Prodigal Son leaves home and squanders his inheritance in riotous living. His elder brother stays home and works hard. When the prodigal returns and is restored to his father, the elder brother becomes petty, jealous, bitter, and resentful. Despite their different paths into carnality, their sins cannot remove them from the circumstances of their birth. Once a son, always a son!


As a “born again” believer, whether you sin like the prodigal or like the elder brother, you remain a permanent member of the family of God, but you lose your temporal fellowship with God. To remedy this rift, God has provided a simple, grace procedure—rebound—so that your postsalvation sins are forgiven and you can recover fellowship and move on in the Christian life.


Jesus taught the parable of the prodigal son to an audience of self-righteous legalists who reviled the profligate prodigal and praised the holier-than-thou elder brother. Yet, they entirely missed the message! Everyone who believes in Christ by faith alone is a permanent son of God. Once a family member, any believer can reclaim his Christian life from carnality and be restored to fellowship with God.


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