The Bible declares that “God is love”—a simple yet significant statement revealing that love is what God is as well as what He does. Do you have a full understanding of the depth and magnitude of this love? Or is your conception of His infinite divine love merely based on your own limited concept of human love?


The love of God is the most critical concept you will ever encounter for it provides your salvation, motivates your growth to spiritual maturity, and secures your glorious, eternal future with Him. God’s plan for your life is based on His unfailing, unconditional love. He always deals with you in love. He loves you even though you are unattractive, unlovable, and undeserving. God can never divest Himself of love for you.


As your understanding and appreciation of the love of God grows, you learn to reciprocate that love. You also build a firm foundation for human love. Reciprocating His love increases your capacity to love in your own soul and to sustain extraordinary relationships with other people. The ultimate source that gives meaning and purpose to life is The Unfailing Love of God.


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