Will you always be present when your children make important decisions in life? Will you always be there to help your children solve the problems they will face? Have you provided them with the ability to make decisions and to solve their own problems?


God is giving you a wonderful opportunity to spiritually train your children and other children. The rewards of seeing these youngsters on the correct road are indescribable. Teaching Bible doctrine to your children provides them the ability to face and solve the problems and adversities of life.


The intensified stage of the angelic conflict can be seen today in the increased attacks on children. They are going to face problems uncommon to their age. They must understand the Gospel message and, as young believers, begin to comprehend the plan of God. Parents can equip their children with God's protection and problem-solving devices.


God has given us the solution to all problems—Bible doctrine. Just as with salvation, learning and using Bible doctrine does not depend on intelligence, age, culture, talent, or human abilities, but on God's grace. So, if a four-year-old can believe in Jesus Christ as Savior, then he can learn, think, and use Bible doctrine.


Remember, Bible doctrine as a way of life is the only eternal heritage we can give our children.


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