Orders can be placed online, by phone or mail. Please see the "Contact / Ordering" information on the right for mailing address, phone number, and office hours.



Publications and recordings are available at no charge from R. B. Thieme, Jr., Bible Ministries. Books and Audiobooks are edited from the lectures and unpublished notes of Pastor Thieme. Recorded audio and video lessons are of Bible classes taught by Pastor Thieme during his tenure at Berachah Church.


Audio recordings of all Bible classes taught are available on MP3 disc and USB drive. Video recordings are limited.Only those classes taught from April 1986 through June 2002 are available on DVD and USB.


Each person requesting our material is issued a name code. Teens may have their own name code. To expedite the ordering process, please make sure you use your taper number and send one order at a time. Individuals new to this ministry may wish to begin their daily Bible studies with our recommended sequences for basic books and audio recordings. We request that you use these materials for your personal study and witnessing and not for public distribution.


Ordering limits for audio recordings:

Either an MP3 disc or USB drive of 36 lessons may be ordered every 30 days. When ordering,   please specify the series and specific lesson numbers. For a complete list of lessons, see the Audio Lessons section of this site. Audio specials do not count against the monthly lesson limit. One special can be sent with each order.


Ordering limits for video recordings:

Eight DVDs (a  total of 32 lessons), or one video USB drive (a total of 28 lessons), may be ordered every 30 days. Each DVD is pre-made and contains 4 lessons. When ordering DVDs, please specify the series number and DVD number. Each video USB is customizabe. When ordering a video USB please specify the series and lesson numbers.  For a complete list of series available, see the Video Lessons section of this site. Audiobook recordings, specials, and audio lessons do not count against the monthly limit of video lessons.


Ordering publications and diagram cards:

Publications may be ordered online, by mail, or by telephone, and also are available at the ministry office. Diagram cards (illustrations) specific to the Bible class lessons are sent automatically with the corresponding audio recording. Diagram cards are also available for download on this site.



Those ordering from countries outside the United States may place their orders to R. B. Thieme, Jr., Bible Ministries by phone or by mail. International order limits vary by country.


In addition, the following nonprofit organizations distribute the recordings of R. B. Thieme, Jr., exclusively. For information regarding these foreign distribution centers, please contact the Ministries.


Grace Resources: Australia

Ralph La Rosa: Philippines

George Mueller: Germany

Contact / Ordering

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(For R. B. Thieme III audio and video lessons contact Berachah Church)