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A Matter of Life & Death

Until this moment you may not have been aware that you were born under a sentence of death. You may think of yourself as a ‘good person,’ and you feel that God would never condemn you. But you are guilty, helpless to save yourself from this death penalty. There is no ability you possess or any work you can perform to redeem yourself. Only God can provide the way of eternal life. A Matter of Life & Death, a Gospel booklet, presents the plan of salvation for the unbeliever.


Christian, at Ease!

Claim the promises of God, mix them with faith, and enter into God’s rest. Bible promises encapsulate divine thinking and give the believer confidence in God. In adversity or prosperity, the believer can claim promises to stabilize his mind, recall the Bible doctrine behind the promises, and reach doctrinal conclusions that form the basis for a vigorous spiritual life. The Christian at ease has learned to tap divine resources and find inner strength and happiness.


The Plan of God

The Plan of God reveals God’s provision for your salvation, His purpose for your existence after salvation, and the treasures He has waiting for your eternal future in heaven. The moment you believe in Christ you immediately share His life and destiny. But for you to attain the wonderful peace, happiness, and contentment God has planned for your life on earth, you must learn Bible doctrine and grow to spiritual maturity. The Bible communicates God’s Word to you so absolute truth becomes the measure of your conscience, the source of your thinking, and the motivation of your life.


Empowered by the Holy Spirit and armed with Bible doctrine you can fulfill your destiny to glorify God. You can receive the highest and best He has prepared for you. Your consistent spiritual growth from Bible doctrine in your soul creates capacity for life, for love, for Christian service, for blessing, for happiness.


God has devised the design of the ages, the perfect plan for you personally. All you have to do is understand His gracious offer and seize the incomparable opportunity for a life of meaning, purpose, and definition.


Rebound & Keep Moving!

Rebound & Keep Moving! is the key that unlocks the Christian way of life. After salvation the sin nature remains a relentless adversary, tempting the believer to sin and live in carnality. When the believer sins, fellowship with God is destroyed, the filling of the Holy Spirit is temporarily lost, and spiritual progress ceases.


Rebound is the simplest yet most incredible concept in the spiritual life. Rebound defeats sin. Guilt, anguish, remorse over past failures vanish knowing that God forgives and forgets all past sins. Rebound is our access to intimacy with the Lord, the gateway to divine power in our lives, our license to serve the Lord. Rebound opens the door to the wonderful freedom the grace of God offers to every believer in Jesus Christ.




Prayer is the great weapon of the spiritual life! Through prayer you have instant access to the throne room of God to communicate directly with God the Father. But to pray effectively, you must know how to pray. God has established basic ground rules for you to follow. Armed with these procedures, you will be able to confidently approach the throne of grace and express your gratitude to God, intercede on behalf of others, and petition for your own personal needs.


God has mandated you to “pray without ceasing.” Wielding the power of prevailing prayer, you have the opportunity to support those in need; to participate in the ministries of pastors, missionaries, and evangelists; to sustain and deliver the nation. God answers prayer in fantastic ways, but always so that His will and plan might be fulfilled.


Giving: Gimmick or Grace?

Giving is an expression of worship that commemorates God’s grace. Grace is all that God can do for man and still be consistent with His own character. We are saved by grace, we live by His grace, and we give by His grace.


Grace giving meets divine standards and glorifies God. Grace giving requires the filling of the Holy Spirit and reflects grace orientation, Bible doctrine resident in the soul, and virtue love. Without these spiritual motivations, giving has no spiritual value. All too often Christian giving is coerced by guilt, emotionalism, or peer pressure.


Two chapters in 2 Corinthians are the most extensive passages of Scripture on the concept of giving. This book focuses on these chapters which present aspects of God’s grace, define correct motivation and mental attitude for giving, and illustrate grace giving in the early church.


Divine Guidance

Divine Guidance is the doctrine of determining God’s will for your life. God guides you by communicating His will through divine revelation. No believer can know or do the will of God apart from knowing the Word of God.


The Bible reveals numerous mandates that universally declare what the will of God is and is not for every believer. The other intentions God has for your individual life that are not directly stated in Scripture must be determined from Bible doctrine in your soul. From the application of Bible doctrine you will resolve what God wants you to think, what He wants you to do, and where He wants you to go.


As the personal emissary of the Lord Jesus Christ, you represent Him effectively after salvation only by obeying God’s will for your life. Learning the mandates, categories, and mechanics of divine guidance gives you the basics for doing His will. As you continue to grow to spiritual maturity, you will become confident that you know God’s will for your life at any time and under every circumstance.


The Prodigal Son

The Prodigal Son leaves home and squanders his inheritance in riotous living. His elder brother stays home and works hard. When the prodigal returns and is restored to his father, the elder brother becomes petty, jealous, bitter, and resentful. Despite their different paths into carnality, their sins cannot remove them from the circumstances of their birth. Once a son, always a son!


As a “born again” believer, whether you sin like the prodigal or like the elder brother, you remain a permanent member of the family of God, but you lose your temporal fellowship with God. To remedy this rift, God has provided a simple, grace procedure—rebound—so that your postsalvation sins are forgiven and you can recover fellowship and move on in the Christian life.


Jesus taught the parable of the prodigal son to an audience of self-righteous legalists who reviled the profligate prodigal and praised the holier-than-thou elder brother. Yet, they entirely missed the message! Everyone who believes in Christ by faith alone is a permanent son of God. Once a family member, any believer can reclaim his Christian life from carnality and be restored to fellowship with God.


Cuestión de Vida o Muerte

Hasta este momento quizás tú no te has dado cuenta que naciste bajo una sentencia de muerte. Quizás tú te veas y pienses de ti mismo como una ‘buena persona’, y piensas que Dios nunca te condenaría. Sin embargo, tú eres culpable, incapaz de salvarte a ti mismo de esta pena de muerte. No hay ninguna habilidad que tú poseas o ninguna obra que tú puedas llevar a cabo para redimirte. Solo Dios puede proveer el camino de la vida eterna. Cuestión de Vida o Muerte, es un folleto del Evangelio que proporciona el plan de la salvación para el nocreyente.


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El Plan de Dios

El Plan de Dios revela la provisión de Dios para usted, su salvación, el propósito de El para su existencia después de la salvación, y los tesoros que El le ha preparado para su futuro eterno en el cielo. En el momento que usted cree en Cristo usted comparte inmediatamente la vida y el destino de Cristo. Pero para que usted obtenga la maravillosa paz, la felicidad y la satisfacción que Dios ha preparado para su vida el la tierra, usted tiene que aprender la doctrina bíblica, crecer y llegar a la madurez espiritual. La Biblia le comunica la Palabra de Dios para que la verdad absoluta se convierta en la medida de su consciencia, la fuente de su pensamiento, y la motivación en su vida.


Apoderado por el Espíritu Santo y armado con la doctrina bíblica usted puede colmar su destino de glorificar a Dios. Usted puede recibir lo más alto y lo mejor que El ha preparado para usted. Su constante crecimiento espiritual derivado de la doctrina bíblica en su alma crea la capacidad para vivir, para amar, para servir como cristiano, para recibir bendiciones y para ser feliz.


Dios creó el diseño para todas las edades, el plan perfecto para usted. Todo lo que usted tiene que hacer es entender su oferta gratuita y tomar la incomparable oportunidad para tener una vida con sentido, propósito y definición.


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